Laureato in Relazioni Internazionali, Master in International Business Development, attualmente Consulente di Integrazione Aziendale.

Today we have been receiving news from the net and from newspapers that war might come at once. Today we are assisting to a cruel joke of the odds, in which two powerful people, supposed to be responsible grown ups, are threatening the world community due to personal pride, nationalistic nonsense and power demonstration through weapon supplies. This has been demonstrated to be the worst way to solve international conflicts, the international law has been developed explicitly for this purpose. More than 10 million people have lost their life in W.W.II and the cold war has showed how meaningless is the use of weapons for imposing the international presence and bargaining power. War has always been the most efficient way to ensure a working and efficient industry power, a way to reduce inoccupation and also develop many technologies we use for daily purposes, we can’t deny that, still what happened in history seems to be so far, but it actually happened only 80-90 years ago. Nationalism raising, people blaming foreigners for “stealing jobs” (with no knowledge of the language, or any contacts and no cash), raising up the crime index and other negative aspects. Yes, as if before they came, all countries in the western world were crime free, no mean people would harm us, and inoccupation was only a nightmare. Immigration is a “conjunctural phase” in the economic history, happening since humankind has happened to walk on this planet, we are born nomads, immigrating to new florid areas whenever the time is proficient or when the conditions are no more favorable in the place we find to be at the moment. Nowadays none seem to be understanding that, it is way more easy to hate, blame someone else for mistakes we might have some responsibility in, and occupy other countries for the resources we need, rejecting people from the same countries to come into our own land. Does it sound familiar? Problem is that I am not referring specifically to any country, because all countries have done that and most of us do or think something similar in our own daily life. I was born into a western country in which I was taught the beauty of peace, the benefits of commercial arrangements and the positive of exchange. I am not talking about philosophy, but I am referring to basic economics which everyone can understand, people have written books on that. Despite our political and religious believes, if any, it looks pretty easy to understand to me that make arrangements is way more profitable for everyone rather than cause a nuclear conflict in which everyone will lose. No bunker can save you, because radiations will kill any survivor after a while. food will be scarce. And even if you can provide food and water, you will live into a cement room for the rest of your life. Someone might like it, I don’t. I like to think I will have a planet to live in, I like to think I will be father one day and I like to think people can take apart all this nonsense and simply shake hands. No losers, everyone will win. Conflict might happen any second. Someone should state that. WE SHOULD state that. Good luck everyone.